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Shiori Darkship and the Revival Fires

The truth won't save you now.

Shiori Coybito
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"I think I have this thing where I need everybody to think I’m the greatest— and if they aren’t completely knocked out, dazzled, and kind of intimidated by me, then I don’t feel good about myself.”

Darkship. Joe Techno. Joe Wilson. Joey Riot. JT Wilson. Professor Lex Kassovitz. Nightwalker. Sadogasm. Shiori Coybito.

Not shy but contagious, not famous but infamous, Joe Wilson grew up imagining that as an adult, he would be as debonair and dashing as Gomez Addams and as talented and acclaimed as David Bowie. Somewhere along the line and probably due to his own clumsiness and indiscipline, the ambition stalled, buried beneath a mass of hair-dye, glitter, cheap drum machines and a conversational style combining his posh education, the guttural vowels of his coastal Northern hometown and his fondness for Bill And Ted and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Joe likes music, fiction, sarcastic reviews, politics and professional wrestling and sometimes involves himself in all of these things, with varying degrees of success. These days, he lives in Coventry with his adorable cat Cabaret and his equally adorable housemate Inigo. This journal details all of these things and more, in the self-indulgent whining style popular on LiveJournal.

Joe is the author of Cemetery Drive, a far-fetched fiction novel published in June 2010.

PERMANENT DISCLAIMER: I promise to never post memes, quizzes, slash-fic or poetry; or ever go friends-only, as all must suffer my writing and I love all my readers. However, I change my mind too often to be able to guarantee I will fulfill this promise.
addams family, african civil war, albert camus, american beauty, apocalypse culture, b*witched, being a massive goth, bikini kill, bisexuality, blur, cat macros, causing chaos, cemetery drive, climbing jumping and falling, collaging, coventry, coybito, crap horror movies, crispin glover, dark tower, dave gorman, david bowie, deathsex bloodbath, delgados, devotchka, dogs in cones, dogs the band, dresden dolls, eels, eoin colfer, eternal sunshine, explosions in the sky, fairly odd parents, family guy, freaky deep-sea monsters, futurama, gigs, goldfrapp, gorky's zygotic mynci, gormenghast, happiness of the katakuris, harpsichords, harry treadaway, heavenly creatures, henrik ibsen, his dark materials, hitchcock, hollywood child death, hp lovecraft, intensity, jack off jill, jasper fforde, jean baudrillard, john kennedy toole, kate winslet, kathleen hanna, klf, l7, le tigre, lemony snicket, livejournal weddings, movies, mp3s, murderdolls, noam chomsky, of montreal, operator please, patty hearst, playing guitar, portishead, pretty boys, pretty girls, pulp, reading, ring, riot grrl, riotshields, robert rankin, romania, sadako, samurai pizza cats, self-indulgent conceptual art, self-melodramatisation, siouxsie and the banshees, sleater-kinney, smoosh, south park, spaced, stevenage borough, super furry animals, synthesizers, teenage mutant ninja turtles, tetsuya nakashima, the joy formidable, the mighty boosh, the simpsons, the velvet underground, the wicker man, things of doom, travel, twin peaks, unforgiving steel, urusei yatsura, wes anderson, wrestlecrap, wrestling