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And yet more stuff going! EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!
cat, lucha cats
I realise my LiveJournal is epically boring at the moment. More enjoyable posts to follow, when I'm not so hatefully busy.

You may recall earlier posts in which I gave away stuff in a clearout of my house. Things have now escalated to this epic point. Everything has to go, as I am moving in with Sarah-Beth, likely in three weeks' time. Anything not taken will go to charity and, failing that, the skip.

I'm going to have to say collection only, apart from the smaller stuff.


Billy Bookcase, silver.
Width: 80 cm Depth: 28 cm Height: 202cm

Sofa, cream. Again, needs re-upholstering really.
Width: 180cm. Depth: 78 cm. Height: 82cm.

Bar stool, black with silver base. Solid stuff. Ideal for bar/breakfast bar. Dimensions on request.


Broken machines.

Bush TV/DVD/VHS combination
This mostly works, but the VHS will need fixing. Works OK as a TV/DVD player though.

Ferguson TV
Screen is kaput but otherwise it seems like the parts are in working order.

Fender Squier guitar
The neck is smashed, the rest is, I think, fine.

Roland E-35 synthesizer
Probably fixable for those with technical know-how.

Lexmark X1180 printer
As above.


GNR Plug and Play computer screen

Remington HC810 hair clippers

Panini toaster

Disco Pigs
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Live and Let Die
Life or Something Like It
All three Lord of the Rings movies (not a set)
There's Something About Mary

Being John Malkovich

Horror box set: with Night of the Living Dead, House on Haunted Hill, Don't Look In The Basement, 15 more!


Jeanne du Prau- The City of Ember
John Grisham- The Client
Stephen King- Carrie
Stephen King- Night Shift
Alissa Quartz- Branded
RL Stine- Point Horror Collection 4 ('The Babysitter')

Kerrang- Best of 2003
Nine Inch Nails: A Special Tribute
Ankst Records: Ap Elvis

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(Deleted comment)
Yeah, just moving out of the Black Lodge: it's been five years that I've lived here now, which is QUITE enough for a rented property. So yes, me and safetobreathe are moving somewhere new, yet still in Coventry.

Besides, the cats need to get to know each other on neutral territory. Cabaret doesn't know this yet. I've included as my icon a picture of his expected reaction.

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