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It's another Clearout O'Crap!
shiori singing, Shiori singing
I'm giving away the following stuff before I move in with Sarah-Beth (mooted to be in November). If anyone would like some of this:

- If you're in Coventry, we'll sort out a collection
- If not, please send me an SAE. Everything's free, but I know full well that I won't do anything about it otherwise.
- If you've requested any of this previously and I haven't done anything about it, your previous request overrides anyone's request at this stage- and, sorry.

Here's the stuff. I'm not expecting too much demand for some of this:


'The Da Vinci Code', Dan Brown- Wrecking Ball
'Mobius Dick', Andrew Crumey
'The City of Ember', Joanne DuPrau
'Client', John Grisham (quality is dire)
'Bag of Bones', Stephen King
'Gerald's Game', Stephen King (hardback)
'The Colour Out Of Space', H.P. Lovecraft (also includes 'The Outsider' and 'The Hound'. I really like these stories, but I have a book with all three already)- Jennifang
'A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Vile Village' Lemony Snicket (this is a duplicate)


'Here We Come', A1
'BRMC', Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
'Take Them On, On Your Own', Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
- both taken by Cait
'The Back Room', Editors
'You've Come A Long Way, Baby', Fatboy Slim
'Franz Ferdinand', Franz Ferdinand
'Hot Fuss', The Killers
'Keep On Your Mean Side', The Kills- taken by Bratby
Nine Inch Nails Special Tribute
'Chain Gang of Love', The Raveonettes

Ankst compilation 'Ap Elvis'
Creeping Bent compilation 'Bentism'
Kerrang 'The Best of 2001' compilation
Melody Maker 'Steve Lamacq's Bootleg Session Vol 3' compilation- Killham
Rock Sound 'Rock Machine Turns You On' compilation

Bare Jr 'You Blew Me Off' single
Bille Piper 'Walk of Life' and 'Something Deep Inside' singles
Kill City 'Three Song EP'
tATu 'All About Us' single


Disco Pigs (Cillian Murphy film)
Life or Something Like It
Live and Let Die
The Best of the WWF 2001- Snakeman
The Lord of the Rings trilogy
There's Something About Mary

DVD (don't all shout at once for these)

The Catherine Tate Show, series 2*- W. Ball
ECW Cyber Slam 98- Snakeman
Gen X Cops: Metal Mayhem
The Giant Leeches- Bailey
The Marine- W. Ball

*- look, I know. I bought it for Lucy and it turned out she already had it. What's a boy to do?

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It's not a cover of 'Walk of Life' by Dire Straits, no. I think she has a writing credit for it, if I recall right.

As for the Lovecraft- I've sent my address to your FB inbox, if you post me an SAE I'll make sure it gets posted to you.

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