Shiori Darkship and the Revival Fires

The truth won't save you now.

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New J.T. Wilson stuff!
shiori singing, Shiori singing
Two new J.T. Wilson writing bits:

Save $5 by ordering the whole 'Space 1889 and Beyond' series here:
The finale is my second novel, 'The Dark Side of Luna' (yes!), whereas Andy Frankham-Allen, K.G. McAbee, Mark Michalowski, L. Joseph Shosty and Space: 1889 creator Frank Chadwick all write stories earlier in the series. I've had the opportunity to peek at what they've got planned: trust me when I say it's awesome!

But what's that? You want to read a J.T. story ABSOLUTELY FREE? Those evil geniuses at Re-Vamp have come to your rescue, then. Read about animal rights, mysterious disappearances, skeletonised foxes and Belle and Sebastian records right here:


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